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Barn Peg Drive

The timbers for Lawrence Barn are currently in trailers for storage. In 2004, the Town of Hollis voted to provide $50,000 to repair the barn beams. The goal of the Hollis Heritage Commission is to raise as much of the remaining $200,000  from volunteer donations as possible.  A Barn Peg drive is in process. Hundreds of Pins will be needed to hold the frame together, and an Honor Roll of Pin contributors will be installed in the barn. 

Friday, June 24.
The best time to put in your barn peg yourself will be Friday morning from 9:30 -11:00. Later in the afternoon on Friday (around 3) there may be additional time and on Sat. you can watch the workers put in your pegs on the roof beams. 







For information about renting the barn, usage policy, online calendar, 
 and rental request forms, go to:



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